Friday, August 17, 2007

St. George Church in Waimanalo, Hawaii

A couple of months back I returned to my home state of Hawaii to attend an old friends wedding on Kauai where we both grew up on. Before arriving to Kauai I stayed over on Oahu and stayed with some old friends in Waimanalo earlier in the week. During they day while my friends went to work I would attend the daily Mass at 7:00 am celebrated by Father Alfred "Al" Rebuldela. Ironically this is the same priest back on Kauai at St. Catherine's in Kapa'a that was preparing my friends for their wedding! I didn't know this until after the wedding Mass at St. Catherine's. Nonetheless, here are a few photos of this wonderful little church on the Ko'olau side of Oahu. This first picture is the front entrance of St. George Church in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

This picture here is the inside of the church. I'm standing in the middle of the aisle facing the altar (after Mass of course).

The next two pictures are to the left of the altar and to the right of the altar.

Here you can see Fr. Rebuldela cleaning up the church with his back facing me. Notice the sunshine streaming in from in the background, it's almost 8:00 am. That means it time for me to hit the beach!

Now I'm still standing in the middle of the aisle, but here I turn around and take a picture of the front entrance of the church from the inside.

Now this picture is to give you a perspective of where the Marian and St. George shrines (statues) are at the front of the exterior of the church . To the far left you can barely see the Mother of God with a lei on her. And to the far right you can see the statue of St. George a bit better. The two pictures following this one are upclose shots of both of them.

Here we see Mary with a lei on her.

Here is St. George the dragon slayer! The picture following this one was taken at the righthandside of this picture facing the side of the church.

Ok, facing St. George if you were to walk to the right of the statue you would see the side of the church below. Notice the plumerias on the ground, they're used to make leis in Hawaii.

And lastly this is a sharp corner angle of St. George Church in Waimanalo. You can barely see the statue of St. George in the middle of the picture. The banana colored car you see there is my rental vehicle. That's what I use to get around Oahu when not using my canoe.

I apologize for the delay in posting these pics. I hope to post pics of St. Theresa's Church in Kekaha, Hawaii. Where I grew up and call my hometown. For now here's the link for St. George Church in Waimanalo here. To learn more about being a Catholic in Hawaii go visit Esther's blog at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.


EC Gefroh said...

Nice photos Tito. I've only been there once for a funeral Mass. What a coincidence regarding Fr. AR. I don't recognize the name. BTW, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliments!

Fr AR is new. He just left Kauai the week before I started attending St. George.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

I was kidding about the canoe. But that IS the rental car I used. Not bad for the cheapest car available!

I didn't have any choice so I had to take the canary colored car.

Like I'm going to complain while hanging out in Paradise.

In Christ,


Nice photos, Tito! Thanks for sharing them.

I am hoping to go to Kauai for my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary - only ten years to go. Is it as beautiful as it looks in photos?

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of St. Theresa's.

Anonymous said...


Yes, it's just as beautiful. Maybe more so since Kauai isn't that developed to begin with (very rural).


Carol said...

Beautiful church.
Can't wait to see how the pics of St. Theresa's turn out. We recently moved to Kekaha and attend St. Theresa's. (My husband and 2 of the kids attend dailies there). Rev. Wilfredo Iminga (Fr. Fred) is very nice and preaches a great homily.
Kauai is definitly rural - I've been in culture shock for the past 6 months.
BTW: Our family is the farthest western homeshool in the US. (I think).

Anonymous said...


My alma maters St. Theresa School & Waimea High School have been called the westernmost schools in the nation.

If that's true, then your family is definately the westernmost homeschooled in America!

Yes, it is a cultural change indeed.

In Christ,


STS '84, WHS '88

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blog posts about Waimanalo to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, drop me a line at Jane (at) Dwellable (.com)
Hope to hear from you :)

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