Thursday, August 2, 2007

Media's Double Standard

The liberal media likes to say how fair and just they all sound as they report the news. Spouting how tolerant they are. Waxing intellectually about how open-minded they are. Self-professing how compassionate they are. While telling us to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Well their façade has always been known to a few. That has changed since the striking down of the (un)Fairness Doctrine, the dawning of the Internet Age, and the ascendancy of Fox News. The curtain has been drawn ever wider to show that man behind the curtain as intolerant, close-minded, and hatefull the mainstream media is. The public has begun to see the filth behind the stench of what passes for “news” in the mainstream media. No longer do ordinary Americans have to put up with NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and NPR. Talk radio, Fox News, and bloggers have begun leveling the playing field, though it is still holistically unbalanced. We now know liberals, progressives, and most Democrats are very intolerant to those with different viewpoints, lifestyles, and way of life. This intolerance shows itself mostly in their obsessive hatred with Christians. For example, in Plantation Key, Florida, a case was brought against “two members of The Gideons International who were arrested while attempting to distribute Bibles on a public sidewalk outside Key Largo School.” The judge dismissed the case only after the Alliance Defense Fund stepped in to protect these Gideon’s. Well you may say this is an aberration. I say that I doubt Muslims would be in court for distributing Koran’s outside a school. So to show how (in)sensitive liberals are to those that have faith, a student at Pace University has been charged with the crime of throwing the Koran down the toilet. If this is they way liberal’s show their open mindedness then we need to call it for what it is, a double standard. Why the double standard? Is it because when liberals put a cross in a jar of urine and call it art; the only reaction us Christians do is to protest in a civilized manner? Yet when a cartoon of Mohammad is satirized the New York Times cowers like the hypocrites they are by proclaiming their “sensitivity” to Islam. What happened to this “sensitivity” to Christianity? Why are people like Brian Williams and Katie Couric (symbolically speaking) shills for Islam yet cowards when it comes to calling a spade a spade? This goes in their open hatred towards Christianity. For example, after the hugely successful “The Passion of the Christ”, you would have thought Hollywood to take note of the potential huge Christian audience yearning for Christian based films. Well instead they have developed garbage such as “The Ten” which opens tomorrow (August 3). Here are a few excerpts:
1. “[Gretchen] Mol stars as a 35-year-old virgin who gets deflowered---in lusty romance novel fashion on a trip to Mexico. Her hunky lover boy’s name? Jesus Christ.” [] 2. “Mol plays a mousy librarian…who travels alone to Mexico and has a wildly sexual fling with a local handyman named Jesus H. Christ (Justin Theroux in long hair and beard).” [AP] 3. “They’re almost gleeful in their crudity; grinning ever-wider as they seem to ask the audience just who this bit of blasphemy is hurting.” [] 4. “‘The Ten’ is comprised of 10 blasphemous and hysterical stories that put the insanity back in Christianity.” [Roger Ebert] 5. “(By the way, I did mention that conservative Christians may find this film offensive?)” []
Is this fair? Is this just? Is it tolerant to be intolerant to Christians? Is it open-minded to prosecute Christians for distributing the Bible? Is it sensitive to demean Christianity? If this is what passes for intellectual sophistication then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. This intellectual sophistication has created the newfound constitutional law of “separation of church and state”. Where the ACLU uses this as a license to deconstruct and tear down the Christian heritage of America, but won’t blink an eye when the University of Michigan uses student monies to build separate foot baths for Muslim men and women! How much longer are liberals going to run around yelling and screaming of a Biblical theocracy in America and openly persecuting Christians, yet their hypocrisy continues to unveil themselves with stories of Muslim gangs raping Christians, assaulting Christians, and invading Christian homes in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only does the mainstream media fail to report what is happening to Christians in Iraq, but the very same thing is occurring in America. In the Bible Belt no less and not a whimper is heard of the fore mentioned news. And when it is told, they hide behind their flawed political correctness mantra of not “offending” anyone (as long as they are Christians then its ok) by referring to these gangs as “Kurdish”. Pathetic. I call this a shallow intellect and flawed thinking. Why don’t we call out the Brian William’s and Katie Couric’s for what they report... and that is a double standard.


Anonymous said...

Breathe deep. The Kurdish gangs don't seem to be any different from gangs of the past--whether Irish Catholic or etc. You have linked some very disparate stories and called them a pattern. Christians are persecuted around the world. This nashville story is not really about persecution. The challenge for American christians is much like the Irish Green Martyrdom. The risk is not being killed by those who hate us but being assimilated and becoming complacent. As for your contrast of "the Passion" and "the Ten": I have seen neither one and don;t plan on it either. As for the Passion--the book is better. and the Ten-It sounds like somebody is still made at mommy for making her go to Sunday School. This sort of childish anti-church stuff is just silly. Some people think it is "edgy"...ok. I just don't care. Let's worry about being good Christians who share the joy of our faith with all. Respond to their silly hatefilled movie with the compassion that our savior would feel.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to clog up a toilet with a Koran, make sure you own the Koran and that it isn't a public toilet. THAT is why this guy is getting charged. I can't get too upset at charges filed against someone who *repeatedly* vandalizes a public place. "Free Speech" does not include destroying property you don't own.

Or are you "soft on crime"?

Unknown said...

First Anon,

I agree. If we all would be better Christians we'd be able to convert the US, if not the world, over to Christianity.

Unknown said...

Matt, I mean, Anon #2,

(re)Read the post.

Gary said...

What a silly little post.

The poor 'persecuted' majority still claiming the corporate conservative media is liberal. How sad and ignorant.

Unknown said...


Thank you for those generous comments and insightful response.

May God bless you in every way.

In Christ,


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