Friday, August 18, 2006

The Coming Exodus From Europe

20 years from now, when our own children are in College, Americans will be seeing the beginning of the exodus from Europe. This exodus will not be the tired, the poor, nor the meek. This exodus will be young Europeans fleeing a rotting Europe. Yes, the socialist welfare state that Democrats and liberals croon about will be imploding. The young Muslims who rioted in the streets for an entire month in France will represent the new Europe. Socialists dogmas of free healthcare, 28 hour work weeks, two months mandatory vacation, homosexual marriage, etc will come crashing down. With Europes replacement rate of 1.3 children born per couple across the board in Europe, the tax payers needed to feed the socialist welfare monster created will begin to buckle under the system. 20 years from now retirees will be demanding their fare share of this welfare and there won't be the needed enough tax payers to fund this. The end result, more taxes. We've seen in the past many Scandinavian sports stars, doctors, and other professionals leave the Scandinavian utopia for America's low taxes. Why leave this utopia? Because it is a lie. Who wants to pay 70%, 80%, even 90% (it once was 110% in Denmark in the 1960')s of their paycheck into a welfare state that doesn't integrate their Muslim immigrants and doesn't foster more babies. Why if Democrats hear keep screaming how 'family' friendly Europes social programs are that Europeans are not having children, one if that, at all? Yes, in roughly 20 years we'll begin to see young post-Christian Europeans fleeing over-taxed Europe (and Islamicized) for America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada. Where taxes are lower, freedom isn't regulated, and intolerant Muslim populations haven't overwhelmed our Christian heritage. Yes, there will be an exodus of young Europeans fleeing Europe, leaving it more Islamic and less European. We will see the end of Western Civilization heritage in Europe. The great cathedrals will be turned into mosques, the gay night clubs will be closed, and girls will be wearing burkahs. Let's not let this happen here in our great Christian country of America. (Hat Tip: Catholic and Enjoying It!) For more on this article click here.


Excellent post. Keep 'em coming!!


Well done.

If you havent already read The Camp of the Saints, I would recommend you do so.

Dominus tecum,


Unknown said...

Thanks VSC and Gaufridus for the comments and links.

I'll look into that book recommendation. I read books like an addict.

God bless you all,

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