Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why I Am Catholic

A nicely done video highlighting, for me, some of the many reasons why I am Catholic myself and why I love this gift that our Lord and Savior left for us. (Hat Tip: A Catholic Life) To see another posting of this video click here. To see the original posting of this video from Evangelical Catholicism click here.



Thanks for posting this video on your blog. We have added you to our list of Catholic Blogs.

Houston, huh? Michael, my boyfriend who is the co-author of our blog, lives in Houston, so I visit Houston quite a bit. I live in Lake Charles, LA. Thanks for all the links on the Houston Archdiocese! Veritas! Always good to go right after pay-day :)

God Bless,

Unknown said...

Katerina Marie,

Thanks for the kind comments.

Yes, Veritas is always a good place to go after pay-day. Those guys know me by name. I literally have to leave my money at home because I end up buying a pile of books each time I visit that place.

God bless,

Amelia said...

What a wonderful video! I have recently started up my blog and hope you will drop by for a visit. Come see what you think!

Amelia Parker

Unknown said...

Amelia Parker,

What's your blogs name?

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