Monday, February 26, 2007

2007 Oscar Winners & Reviews

I've got a few words to say. Who cares. Unfortunately some do. For last years posting click here.


skeetor said...

I see a big blank space, am I missing something?

Tito said...


My opinion of the Oscars, Emmy's, Grammys, etc are pretty low. They are nothing more than a cover for 'politically correct' causes with the facade of an awards show. Besides, these awards shows are pretty tart and hedonistic and pointless.

My posting was to exemplify this by saying nothing at all except that I don't care. We as Catholics should not care about the narcissism of others and their evils.

We need to be in this world, not of it.

Hope that makes sense.

EC Gefroh said...

ha ha Tito. I got it.
We tried watching the Oscars but could only tolerate 2 minute of it. We turned off the TV as soon as Ellen DG made the comment about Gore being voted President.

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