Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Non-Viable Baby Girl Still Lives

Pro-choice? Probably means a woman's choice to either kill or not kill her unborn baby.
A tiny baby girl born at just over five months has defied medical expectations by surviving, in a case that reinforces arguments against gestational abortion laws, the Daily Mail reported earlier today. Amillia Taylor was born at a Miami hospital one month earlier than the date considered viable for most babies, at just 21 weeks and six days gestation. She weighed less than 10 oz and was just nine ½ inches long. Babies born earlier than 25 weeks are generally classed as medically “non-viable,” while just half of the babies born at 25 weeks manage to survive. Abortion legislation often relies on that cut-off to determine when abortions can no longer be carried out, with the procedure commonly permitted up to the 24th week. Amillia is the youngest known baby worldwide to survive premature birth, although medical advancements continue to improve the chances of early survival for infants who leave the womb ahead of schedule. The survival of such a young baby undermines justification of later-term abortions considered acceptable because the child is too immature to survive outside the womb. As well, improvements in preterm care have led to difficult questions about the treatment of late-term babies who survive abortion attempts, since there is often no difference in the physical development of a child born alive after an abortion attempt and a child born early through premature delivery.
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I saw this story on FoxNews this morning. The pictures were amazing. The Baby was smaller than a pen... can you believe it?

Blessed is God.

I may blog about it... You can find pictures here:

Anonymous said...

Its never been about the choice but just what the outcome happens to be

I mean look at why PP was started. Not to help women but to bred out the undesirables...the immigrants, the poor, the blacks....So it comes as to no surprise why no one is speaking out about how it is possible to save a child just after 22 weeks. The gestation period is just one of the lines that the pro-choicers keep throwing out to support their case for choice BUT science is slowly showing the world that it believes incorrectly and that life is possible at a young age. In the end there will be no more excuses left and all will be shown that abortion is truly nothing more than MURDER....Hopeful this can happen in my life time....


Tito said...


Amen little sister.

EC Gefroh said...

Amen is right!

Anonymous said...

I understand that everyone has their own opinion on abortion, but i am concerned why there are so many people who are only concerned with this issue, since Amilla. I just watched my friend lose her twins on Wednesday, because the hospital refused to treat them because they were only a little over 20 weeks old. Only a little younger than Amilla and both weighed over a pound. When Makayla was born, we begged them to do something and they just said she was too little. They wrapped her in a blanket and let us hold her until she passed away. Two hours later they broke her water again and delivered the second little girl, Jocelyn, she arrived kicking and crying, she was a little fighter. After an hour of us holding her we told the doctors she was still alive, moving, breathing, active, they did nothing. Another hour passed and she was still with us, again we pointed out she was still here, and still they did nothing. I'm not here to argue about abortion, but shouldn't people be doing more for the rights of THESE children and the parents who actually want them?.


Anonymous said...

I am a parent of a 25 week preemie. When I arrived at the hospital I was at 23 week 5 days along. I was ASKED if I wanted my baby to be delivered C-section (AKA they would do all they could to save him) or natural birth (AKA let him live if he could but basically they would do nothing to save him such as oxygen support). I was horrified! I would have giving my life for my child and I prayed that God would give me the blessing of my baby. I told them to do EVERYTHING to save him. The Dr. said he wanted to make sure since a lot of women abort infants and do not want to be "saddled" with a needy "damaged" child.

I proudly say that the Lord has given me a wonderful son named Ryan. He is now almost 3 and thriving! God is GOOD ALL of the TIME!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Ryan made it!!! And I'm glad that you were given options. Unfortunately, we weren't given those options. The hospital said they wouldn't do anything because the babies were under 24 weeks old. When I got home, I began to research this, and apparentely, there is a so called "blanket rule" with hospitals, it is their chioce whether or not they choose to treat babies under 24 weeks. Did you know this prior to having Ryan? I'm just assuming that if there were more people who knew this, maybe they would spend more time with this issue, and help these poor babies who aren't given a chance, especially since Amillia survived.


Anonymous said...

I had NO idea about preterm babies or their rights before the night I was taken to the hospital. At almost 24 weeks the neonatologist said it was "worth" lifesaving means to see what his condition would be. My husband and I told them to do everything for him because we were not going to give up on him. We knew he was in God's hands and our son was Baptized a few hours after he was born by the hospital priest. We wanted to give Ryan a chance to live and if he was dying we would let him go peacefully but not before he was given basic life support and assessed of his condition.

Do you know that some European countries cut off support at 25 wks. 30-50 percent of children in this range survive to childhood! Mine included! Criminals are given more rights than these beautiful children. How can people not see the truth in this sinful neglect.

Anonymous said...

To Heartbroken-

I can not express my sorrow for your loss. I do not know what I would have done or how I would have went on after the loss. I liken my feelings on the first night in the hospital as feeling my soul being ripped out of me slowly.

I pray that you and your friend finds the peace in knowing you will see the twins again in Heaven. I ask you to continue to be there for your friend because she will feel many emotions such as grief, sorrow, longing and perhaps even frustration and anger even at God. I have also lost 2 children to miscarriage so I can feel to some degree her loss.

I can say time has helped my grief and also surrendering that grief to God. Hug her, let her cry and let her talk about the twins if she wishes. How beautiful and perfect they were.

God bless you in your time of sorrow.


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