Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Changes at CF for Lent and Beyond

Just a quick posting to give everyone of some changes arriving to my blog for Lent. These changes will be implemented on or before Easter Sunday. To tell you the truth, I'm still figuring out this HTML thing and redesigning the entire blog. The only hint I'll offer is that it'll be the same 'theme' and one or two new 'additions' to the blog itself.

It's not anything to get excited about nor anything world changing, just evolving my blog to something different, and hopefully better.

What I will say that the focus will move towards a historical interpretation of current affairs. Yeah, it's pretty vague, but we're not really sure how to describe it just yet.

God bless, remember your obligations as Catholics during Lent, and pray well.

Tito the Norman, defender of the Faith


Anonymous said...

There is an old Irish ballad called "the rising of the moon" about a failed rebellion against the English, the signal to begin the attack was when a full moon rose...likewise as soon as I see new the blog design I will take that as the proper signal


skeetor said...

just remember as some smart guy once said, change is bad... even when its good, lol. I look forward to it.

Tito said...

As my Norman ancestors would say, 'aye, to Hastings my Lord'.

EC Gefroh said...

Well, now you have peaked my interest Tito! Looking forward to seeing what changes lie ahead.

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