Monday, February 12, 2007

The Education of Bigots

Mr. John Whiteside continues to defend his bigotry towards Catholicism in his blog, Blue Bayou, as if it were everyday language. Here he finds himself among the old southern bigots of a bygone era. Denying that they are bigots. People such as Mr. Whiteside are pretty common in the world, especially in the blogosphere. For instance take the two new John Edwards presidential campaign alleged 'Catholic' bloggers in Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, click here for their bigoted statements. They've opened their mouths again yesterday, at least Amanda Marcotte did with the following diatribe:
"The Christian version of the virgin birth is generally interpreted as super-patriarchal," . . . "where god (sic) is viewed as so powerful he can impregnate without befouling himself by touching a woman, and women are nothing but vessels."

If that wasn't enough, take a look at these nuggets of wisdom from sbh of Rational Rant:

". . . I'd prefer to believe that the majority of Roman Catholics aren't hate-filled antisemitic homophobic bigots of the Catholic League stripe."

"Church is once again mired to her hips in this moral filth."

"Apparently it is all right for them to say any evil or disgusting thing they like about people they oppose for whatever reason"

"I know for a fact that Custos Fidei is full of crap on this point."

"It is thus Custos Fidei who comes off in this as ignorant, misinformed--or a liar."

Then Mr. John Whiteside chimes in with this well-informed comment:

"Honestly, it didn't make much sense to me, and surrounded by an ad hominem attack as it was, it was pretty hard to take seriously."

My posting was an ad hominem attack. So quoting Mr. John Whiteside is considered an ad hominem attack. Let's take a closer look at what he had to say. But I need to remind my readers that Mr. Whiteside did not object to Mr. sbh's 'ad hominem' attacks on Catholicism nor on me.

Number one: “Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who often can be found saying nasty things about gay people and warning that the Jews run Hollywood” Unsupported evidence. And if you were to find these ‘allegations’, I’m sure you would have to edit his comments about the Jews and explain that ‘Church teaching’ says nasty things. Again a double standard in the media, specifically you. Number two: “Criticizing the Catholic Church or its beliefs is not "anti-Catholic bigotry.”

Because you say so makes it so? So if I were to deny that the holocaust actually occurred I wouldn’t be called a bigot? Your logic is irrational and contradictory. It’s irrational because you are unable to step away from your comments and see it for what it is, bigotry and hate. It’s contradictory because you equate the difference between hate speeches that if it’s Catholicism its ok, but if it’s Judaism it’s not ok. Number three: “if a church is going to act like a political action committee, those activities are a valid target of criticism.”

The Church does not act like a political action committee. Just because you disagree with the teachings of the Church doesn’t give you the pretext to ‘assume’ it is acting like a political action committee and then run your diatribe of hate and bigotry. You create a straw man argument so as to excuse yourself from being called what you are, an anti-Catholic bigot. Number four: “bunch of scary lunatics,”

That pretty much explains itself. Though you were quoting your alleged Catholic friends you followed up by explicitly affirming it with the following statement… “The Catholic League is a political group that represents a pretty extreme fringe” Number five:

"Toward a kinder, gentler oppression. Your November 14, 2006 posting in Blue Bayou where you viciously attacked the Catholic Church. The following statements are taken directly from this abomination of a posting… “More accurate terms would be insulting, callous, or degrading.”, “And that's what makes the document being discussed so awful.”, and your condescending tone is pretty indicative of where you stand in your bigotry here, “The insult comes from hearing bishops call this "welcoming." It's anything but. . . . And it's horrifying to think that some of these bishops are proud of their supposed compassion.” Number six: Another of your infamous postings titled, A modest marriage proposal. Full of said comments… “(T)he religious right scare-fest that took place last weekend.” I’ll stop here because I haven’t begun yet on your own independent blog getting your various hate-mongering comments towards the Catholic Church. It never ends.

"Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you. "You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men.

--The Holy Gospel of St. Matthew 5:11-14


Both sides of the political spectrum agree that the Edwards bloggers are bigots, yet Amanda, Melissa, and John are crying wolf. For this story by click here.

For the Catholic League response click here.

For an excellent roundup of the fall-out from the Edwards presidential campaign click here for the Curt Jester and here for Michelle Malkin.

For the previous posting about Mr. Whiteside click here.

SECOND UPDATE: Melissa McEwan has finally resigned from the liberal Edwards presidential campaign. For the story click here.

Hot Air has more to say here.

FIRST UPDATE: Amanda Marcotte has resigned, unrepently, but has resigned. For this story from click here. Now if only Mr. John Whiteside would recant his religious bigotry the world would be a better place for practicing Christians.

David Freddoso at the National Catholic Register has an excellent article on this, click here.

Brad Warbiany at the The Liberty Papers has an excellent article on this, click here.

Froma Harrop at RealClearPolitics has an excellent article on this, click here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, attacking me personally with name calling is an ad hominem attack.

Your point seems to be because I am strongly critical of things your church says and does, I must be an anti-Catholic bigot.

Thus I must conclude that you are an anti-gay, anti-Irish, anti-Heights resident, anti-white, anti-Volkswagen-driver bigot. Why? Because you criticized me, and I'm all those things! (I'm following your logic here.)

I've tried to engage you in some rational conversation about this, but unfortunately, have gotten nothing but name-calling in return. But, thanks for the links, I guess.

Anonymous said...

"Number one: “Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who often can be found saying nasty things about gay people and warning that the Jews run Hollywood”

Unsupported evidence..."

William Donohue HAS said many of those things. It didn't take long to find this YouTube video of him saying "Hollywood is controlled by secular jews" and "Hollywood likes anal sex":

Pretty nasty if you ask me.

Tito said...


It seems it's ok for Senator Biden to make nefarious comments about 'Jews', but it's not ok to lay blame on the secular Jews of Hollywood.

Yet again it is ok to criticize unfairly and unjustifiably Catholics in general!

Thanks for pointing out that YouTube segment. I was hoping one of you guilty white liberals were going to make my point for me by going pavlov-dog/knee-jerk reacting towards Catholics.

Anonymous said...

1) Who said it was ok for Biden, or Edwards or anybody to make nefarious comments? Certainly not me.

2) What makes you think I am guilty, white or liberal?

3) How is pointing to a YouTube link a "pavlov-dog/knee-jerk" reaction.

4) What does it say about your thought process that you jump to such conclusions with literally ZERO evidence for any of it?

I mean seriously, Tito, who's guilty of a knee-jerk reaction here? The person who points toward evidence, or the person who makes wild assumptions based on absolutely nothing?

On second thought, now I see why you're so fond of Donohue.

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