Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bishop William K. Weigand

Bishop William K. Weigand is a rarity within the Catholic Church in the U.S. Bishop Weigand actually lives the faith he practices without apology. Unlike a few malcontents here in the Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston and the most unCatholic Cardinal Mahony of the Archdiocese of L.A. Bishop Weigand is an example of living the life of a Catholic without compromising the Catechism.

In all fairness, Bishop Weigand has been criticized in the past for offering communion to the unCatholic former governor of California Gray Davis. So maybe his recent actions may be due from outside pressure or Bishop Weigand has grown a spine, or most probable he was being political in the past. I am uncertain on his change of enforcement, but it doesn't come a moment to soon in my opinion.

Recently an article appeared in the Sacramento Bee newspaper reporting the dismissal of a Catholic school teacher, Marie Bain, from an all girls Catholic high school because of her extensive involvement with Planned Parenthood and the abortion of young children. In a statement about her dismissal, Bishop Weigand commented:

"Abortion is gravely immoral and Ms. Bain's active and public participation in the procurement of abortions is morally inappropriate and unacceptable with regard to her work as a teacher at Loretto."
Bishop Weigand should be commended for his actions and help inspire those to live the Catechism! For more click here and here.


Thanks for putting out more info on the Bishop. My article blog mostly about the teacher, is good to get the rest of the story out.

KT4JC said...

As I have said before on fidei defensor's blog, I am a Loretto student, and would like to share my opinion about this on my blog at

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