Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Religious Upheaval in India

An excellent article by Brian Saint-Paul about the religious upheaval facing India. Basically, because of the entrenched caste system in Hinduism, the approximately 250 million Dalits in India are beginning to open their eyes to the world. The Dalits are at the bottom of the caste system in India. The Dalits, which means untouchables, are so castigated they have their own category in Hinduism. Why is this important, and how did this happen? Well, with the dawn and accelerated growth of the media, ie, internet, satellite communication, etc. Dalits are beginning to build a self-awareness as the explore the world outside of India. With bigotry and persecution suffered in silence for so many years, many Dalits are beginning to discover Christianity (and Islam) that offers hope out of their misery. The love of Christ and the stories in the Bible of how He embraces even the lowest of the lows have struck a chord with the Dalit community in India which has resulted in mass conversions. Will this continue? We can only pray so! For more click here.


The Hindu Caste System..

Or as I call it exhbit "B" in any argument against the "all religions are basically the same" crowd.

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