Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Dissidents Abandon Eucharist

"We Are Church", a dissidant Catholic organization, wants to abandon the Eucharistic doctrine. They want to do this in order to appease every other Protestant church in order to bring about a speedy unification. Well with that type of thinking, why don't we abandon the priesthood, throw out our statues and paintings, tear down our crosses, and begin our own personal interpretations of the Holy Bible! Oops. They also want that as well.


mojoala said...

please revisit ironsides rant, I left a comment for you there!

mojoala said...

BTW, I am a KOC. Council 12011.

I believe we should get rid of the statues. The pope that said engraven images were okay made a big mistake.

Hal Lindsay was on tv the other day and said all catholics are going to hell because we worship mary.

He's almost right. If an outsider stepped into our church before the service, what does he see?

He sees a statue of mary. 9 out of 10 times the votive candles are before the statue of mary. he sees someone enter the church and kneels down before the statue. In his mind, that person has just bowed down in worship to mary.

Perceptions are everything.

What makes it worse, when the only statue you have is of Mary. There is not one of our lord Jesus christ.

Peace be with you!

Tito said...

It's called the Church.

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