Tuesday, October 4, 2005

A Priest Stands Up

Finally a priest that will stand up to the rampant gay agenda that is prevalent in many dioceses. But then again, probably it would be better stated that this priest escaped censure. Yes, censure. Too many Bishops and Archbishops muzzle priests who actually believe in what they practice. Too many Bishops and Archbishops censure those that speak the Truth. Why do they do this? Why do they get away with this? Some of us have witnessed the mess the Anglican Communion has done with confronting evil doers and deviants. The Anglican Communion now has 'multiple' truths due to the ordination of women to the priesthood and most recently the elevation of an openly practicing homosexual to the seat of the Bishopric of New Hampshire. This has caused a divide between liberal Episcopals and orthodox Episcopals where Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith seized the property and records of one parish due to their adherence to one of the 'truths' and not of the Episcopal Church USA's truths. Will this happen in the Catholic Church? Can it happen when orthodox or traditional Catholic priests hold up the catechism but are censured by liberal Bishops or Archbishops? Yes it can. What can we do as lay people about those who take up a vocation and do not follow the precepts they swore to uphold? Is there a mechanism for lay people to follow up on and report these wayward priests and bishops? If so what is it? Where do we start? This is my calling to those out there of what as lay people can do about such abhorants acts that bishops and priests do to others through censure and silence. Are there Catholic nonprofit organizations that we can join or donate monies to? Is there a system in place that we can actually utilize?


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