Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Culture of Death Descends on Brave Catholic

Remember the Catholic school out in California that dismissed a teacher because she was a blatant Planned Parenthood participant? Well, the local paper outed not only the mother who reported this wayward teacher, but the young daughter of this mother as well. Her name is Katelyn and she operates a blog where she has been viciously attacked by the culture of death vultures. Here is the link to her article. Here is her link for your comments.


Keep up the good work, it looks like at last good Catholics from all over are posting in her defense. It seems the pro-abort forces have quited down, hopefully they had a change of heart and realized they sound like hypocrites whinning about how much this pro-life family is "hurting" their "community." Then again maybe everyone is shutting up as they call in the lawyers, this is after all a bunch of rich California folks! Most likely option though, they have crawled back under their rock to stew about this. Hopefully someday they will realize that one is a lot better off in the Church built on the rock than trying to bring it down.

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