Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Coach Resigns Over Ban on Prayer

It's one thing to separate religion from the public sphere, it's another thing to push it underground like the New Jersey school board has in this case. High school football coach Marcus Borden resigned from his coaching duties from East Brunswick. The school board disallowed him from leading his football squad in team prayer. If the coach had a preacher inside the lockerroom evangelizing that is one thing. But if you're leading a prayer group, others in the room who do not wish to participate can remain silent. No, this wasn't enough for a couple of the players parents. Instead of being prudent, they decided to force others to conform to their minority point of view. This is called the Tyranny of the Minority, which is usually led by the militant liberals. There comes a time when the subjugation of peoples rights to religious freedom is suppressed to fit ones world view. For more click here.


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