Friday, October 21, 2005

Sodomites Fearful of Extinction

Another great article on (when is it NOT a great read!) about the liberal fear of a Christian-dominated planet. Apparently the publicity of an Arkansas couple that just gave birth to their 16th, yes, 16th child in the news recently has caused several people on the Left to loose a few brain cells. It seems they are beginning to scratch the surface of their hypocrisy of contraception, abortion on demand, and the promotion of homosexual lifestyles as being counter-productive to the(ir) cause. It makes for good reading, For the article click here! For the anti-American Left (from San Francisco, how obvious) reaction click here! For the Euro-Left reaction click here!


Anonymous said...

Some of these people are such misanthropes they see all of humanity as a plague on earth. The less mothers we have all the better for "Mother Nature." On the other hand thanks to vitro fertilization, human cloning, and artifical wombs and stuff this drop in secularist numbers might only be temporary. Isn't it only a matter of time before a place like the Netherlands or Sweeden decides to start pumping out kids "Brave New World" style, educating/brainwashing them, and saying its all in the name of ensuring enough workers to keep the economy going? I probably should be wearing a tin foil hat as a I write this, awfuly far fetched, but it makes you think.

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