Friday, October 7, 2005

That Slippery Slope of Gay Marriage

Nooo, my liberal friends tell me. There is no such thing as a slippery slope. Allowing people with homosexual inclinations to marry would not open the doors to polygamy. How wrong can these liberal friends of mine be wrong. Soon after, not only polygamy, but what would prevent someone to marry a preteen! What about beastiality? What would prevent someone to claiming that he (or she) have agape type love for their pet dog and marry IT! Well, well, well. It doesn't hurt anyone they say. Wrong. It hurts society by elevating deviant activities to such a level as a sacrament. Or better yet it denigrates the actual institution of marriage to the point of being meaningless. Click here, and here for the article of the beautiful threesome and their wedding that recently occurred in ultra-liberal the Netherlands.


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