Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Family Is Not An Option, It Is Gods Will

A great article in Touchstone magazine about the secular idea of childless marriages as a legitimate lifestyle choice (sic). You either display God's glory or deny it, no in betweens. For more click here.


Not only are they failing to fulfill God's plan aren't they letting Darwin down?

Seriously though, I really like Rick Zubaty's response to these types, its preety darn funny and worth a posting in and of itself...

"One time a gay guy told me that gays should be "put in charge of culture" since family men like me don't have time for it. I said, 'Let me get this straight. A guy like me, who buys schoolbooks and soccer balls and winter coats for my kids, am going to have NO SAY in our cultural priorities? No vote in where this society focuses its thoughts and aspirations? That's cowshit...In fact, I think there should be a childless tax, a gay tax, an all-around flake tax, for men and women over the age of 30 with no kids. Gay or straight. I supply my kids with the implements and services they need for 18 years or more of job training – while you sip expensive wines and vacation in Bermuda – and then when you retire my kids will be working to pay your Social Security? That's a massive rip-off. You should be taxed, starting today, for refusing to accept any responsibility for continuing human existence...You can adopt some abandoned kid if you want to avoid the childless tax.' He screamed – a woman's scream."

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