Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Values Distorted

Edward Morrisey wrote an excellent article in the Daily Standard titled Temples Of Our Times. Mr. Morrisey posited,
"...the connection between the Minnesota Vikings' Love Boat cruise last week and the ongoing worship of self-obsession in American society."
Mr. Morrisey quotes in his Captain's Quarters blog: What temples do secular societies build? Lately in America, cities and states have increasingly found themselves funding and building vast offerings to professional athletes and the games they play, even though the owners and participants of these games make enough money to house themselves quite handsomely. Why do communities foot the bill for this, and what does it say about the people who support the practice?" It is a very insightful analysis of where we as Americans place our values in. Is the Minnesota Vikings Sex Scandal a reflection of us as a people, or is it where we are heading? More more click here.


Thats the vikings for you, good choice of picture, way to tie them in with their rapping and pilageing historical namesake!

Anyway stuff like this makes me glad to live in Packer Country. The Packers have a team preist, and I have heard that Coach Mike Sherman and Quarterback Brett Favre among others are regulars at daily Mass.

Tito said...

That is great to hear that the Packers have a team priest. Even more surprising that Coach Sherman and Brett Favre attend daily Mass!

So you're saying these two guys are Catholic?

Oh yah, look for a possible posting on my blog about it in the future, perhapes after a Packer win.

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