Saturday, October 15, 2005

Uganda's Successful Abstinence Program

The U.N. is retaliating against Uganda's successful Abstinence Program. The condom-loving U.N. is livid about President Bush's program is actually getting traction and working! Uganda's HIV transmission rates have dropped from 18% to 5-7% with the help of the U.S. owns AIDS initiative in Africa. For more click here.


The people of Uganda are missing out. There is a cure for AIDS, its called condums dude, they are 100% effective, and magically sheiled against all disease. Didn't you learn anything in health class?

Just kidding. Thanks for bringing attention to this. It is also worth noting that Uganda has I belive the highest percentage of Catholics in Africa.

We often here how the Church is helping AIDS spread by speaking against condoms. Of course the Church is only protecting people from the false sense of security they bring. Besides there is no such thing as "safe sex" when a mortal sin is invovled.

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