Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Beginning of the End for Europe

I've written about it in the past, now I see it happening to often to wait any long to blog about it. The one year anniversary of the Intifadah in France where thousands of Muslims took to the streets for three months in an orgy of car burnings, riots, and vandalism is approaching. It is safe to say that when the Muslims began their riot (intifadah in France) it was the beginning of the end for Europe. Why did this occur? Why me, a Catholic and an American living far away from Europe am I concerned about this? Well to answer the second question, it has everything to do with me, my Catholic faith, and the future of my offspring. I will touch on this during the course of this posting. Why did this occur? The end of the beginning occurred when Spain capitulated to the Muslims after the Madrid bombings. This was the end cap of what the French Revolution of 1789 had started and that is the decapitation of Christianity from European life. Without faith, without Christianity, the so called European secular-humanist (referred to from here on out as 'man') only believes in himself instead of Him (ie, God). They deny the existence of God and celebrate their own existence instead. Without an afterlife to look forward to the European man looks inward, that is, selfishly enjoying himself in the world without consequence. Thusly when a Muslim threatens his life, instead of standing up to fight for his country, his life, his livelihood, he submits. Because why die for something when you have nothing to look forward to? It is a philosophical as well as a legitimate question to ask oneself, especially if you are a European and/or a non-believer. This is what is happening in Europe. Why does this concern me? It concern's me because this is the final product of the so-called 'Enlightenment'. Separating man from God for the betterment of self. "I live therefore I am" retorts a headless French intellectual when questioned on the existence of God. This 'Enlightenment' has procured two World Wars, Hitler's Germany, Stalinist Russia, Mao's China, and Pol Pot's Cambodia. Many people, especially sophisticated liberals don't want to be reminded that the worst century in human existence so happens to be the 20th century! The European social welfare system has lulled the European masses into permanent hibernation. When one can claim a toe nail injury and receive compensation for a lifetime because you can't work (this happens every day in all places England) why you have idle time on your hands. Why bother with responsibility, why bother with gaining maturity, when you can cash your welfare check and jump on a plane for a quick holiday to the beaches of Spain! No need to believe in God since the state will guarantee happiness! No need to obey the ten commandments or adhere to strict moral structures when you can have non-committal sex without the guilt. You can approve of homosexual marriage because you don't care. You can 'rationalize' the death of millions of unborn children because they can't speak for themselves, even better you won't have a guilty conscious because you tell yourself they aren't even 'human' yet since they haven't left the womb. Well let's take this one step further, why bother with having children period because they suck the life and finances out of you anyways, you want to 'enjoy' your life don't you, so begone with the little rascals and spend the extra money on lavish vacations and nicer cars. This is already happening here in the United States. When a Democratic politician (I haven't heard any Republicans... yet) howls about the benefits of the ideal social welfare model that is Europe, don't fall for the lies. Satan is the father of lies and he works through others to push his own agenda. Shoot, even if you're an atheist you need to look at what is happening in Europe right NOW. Emigration has exceed immigrants into Germany. Many young college-educated Germans are already leaving Germany because of the deteriorating of civic life. Not the deteriorating of welfare programs but the fear of death at the hands of Muslim youths wreaking havoc all over Germany. The coming Exodus in which I blogged about is occurring sooner than I expected. This is not an anomaly. Well right now it is, but the anomaly doesn't go away the United States will see the largest influx of Europeans since the 19th century, it will be even greater. When Europe becomes unlivable, which it is increasingly becoming in cities such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Paris, this small spicket of immigrants to the US will be like a tidal wave. Oh Tito, you're becoming an 'islamophobe'. Facts beg to differ. Rapes of young European women are common among the Muslim community. They constitute the great majority of agitators. Rape squads of young Muslim men come out after dark in such enlightened cities such as Brussels, Paris, and Stockholm, Sweden. Senseless 'honor' killings of young Muslim women also occur. The riots in France last year that occurred all over France over a three month period. We need to put this into context now. After the OJ verdict the riots in LA lasted a week and only occurred in certain sections of LA. Why should you the reader of this blog be concerned? Well civilizations don't die out because of outside forces, they die from within. When you take away God from the equation, you take away the reason for living. Am I wrong? Take another look at Enlightened Europe. They have lost the will to live and are now in a 40-60 year cycle of decline where Muslims will eventually become the majority and they will become the minority or in Islamic jargon, dhimmi's. For an in-depth examination of the Coming Exodus from Europe click here. For a further examination of this topic click here. To read American and European sources on this topic click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. UPDATED: France prepares 50,000 riot police for the second anniversary of the Intifadah in France. The French still don't have a clue... to read more click here.


Diane said...

The problem is protestantism also. This heresy leads to all of the apostasy that you describe, since truth is a matter of personal opinion in protestantism. So many protestant 'churches' support legal abortion, homosexual unions, divorce, remarriage and contraception (which is the door to abortion). Once Catholics stop acting like protestants and the world embraces Catholic teaching will we become what the Lord wants us to be.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick dude. One could take your brain and magnify it 20,000 times and still be able to throw it down the throat of a gnat and it would rattle like a BB in a box car.

Tito said...


Thank you so much for your in-depth analysis of the situation. I truly enjoy liberals who enter my blog and contribute with their expert opinion. In this great country of ours it is wonderful to see 'debate' flourish and manifest itself in contributions such as yours which goes to the heart of my posting.

You contribute nothing to the future of our way of life.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Tito said...


I could've written a book, but yes, Protestantism with its embrace of relativism does contribute to the downfall of Western Civilization. It is not a coincidence that in Protestant dominant countries in Europe the rate of their replacement birth rate is lower than Catholic dominated countries.

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