Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bigger Families Returning?

Recently some people, like the Washington Times, have noticed that larger families are making a mini-comeback. Instead of the usual stop at two or less, some are opting for a 3rd or 4th child. Some reasons given is "Why not?" to their Christian faith (the Washington Times politely calls it 'religious'). The article goes on to say that it may become a status symbol for the well to-do. Um, since when are having children a 'status symbol'. Even a right-of-center paper like the Washington Times needs to do better research than watching their next door neighbors coming in and out of their homes. Some other comments that the article cites:
"There were a lot of unwelcome comments, like, 'If I had three kids and was having twins, I'd kill myself,'"
"People thought I was insane,"
"It's more that we were enjoying all the kids. We have a happy home. Why not have as many children as we can?"
For the Washington Times article click here.


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