Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Priests Rebel Against Cardinal Egan

A Whispers in the Loggia exclusive: A group of priests called 'Committee of Concerned Clergy for the Archdiocese of New York' are asking for a vote of 'NO CONFIDENCE' (emphasis original) for Archbishop Edward M. Egan. A letter is being sent by said committee to all the priests of the Archdiocese of New York asking for a vote in and submitting the vote to the United States Papal Nuncio.
Using strong language throughout the 950-word missive, the authors allege a widespread finding that Egan's relationship with his priests has been "defined by dishonesty, deception, disinterest and disregard."
For more on the Whispers in the Loggia exclusive click here. FLASHBACK: Cardinal Egan demands Fr. Pavones resignation from Priests for Life in 2001. For the article click here.


Tony said...

Don't these priests understand that the Catholic Church is not a democracy?

Tito said...


With all due respect, doesn't Cardinal Egan understand that he is the shepherd of his diocese? He shouldn't be ignoring his duties as Archbishop and letting things slide.

Tony said...

With all due respect Tito, have these "anonymous" priests read St. Paul?

This is *not* the way Catholics and especially priests are supposed to do things.

Tito said...


You are correct. The way these 'anon' priests have approached this is incorrect and goes against what St. Paul proscribed.

I think the situation has been resolved after Cardinal Egan met with his priests.

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