Thursday, October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox vs. Unborn Children

Michael J. Fox wants to experiment on the body parts of unborn children. Joseph Goebels must be smiling from down below at his newest conscript. This 'ad' is in response to Michael J. Fox's television commercial for his support of a candidate that supports the use for experimentation of human body parts, or what the PC crowd calls, 'stem cell research'. Missouri is voting on an amendment (prop 2 in this upcoming state election) to the constitution that will legalize this sort of experimentation. To learn more about this prop 2 click here. To view the real video in response to Michael J. Fox grotesque support of prop 2 click here. To read the response of the Catholic League click here. (Hat Tip: Catholic and Enjoying It!) All human beings are equal, but movie stars are more equal than others. UPDATED: MSM fails to investigate Michael J. Fox's claims on his commercials as they hype his illness; for more click here.


Anonymous said...

This is a very uneducated statement. Stem cell research comes from embryos that are not being used. As unfortunate as abortion is, it is apart of our life. Should we not allow a tragedy turn into somethin good? Do you think God would have provided us with these cells and the knowledge of how to use them, if it was so wrong to do so. By disallowing Stem Cell Research, abortion will not end. As for when ebryos from a fertility clinic are used, those are ebryos that are not longer going to be used, or able to be used to create a pregnancy. I, personally, am vehmenatly opposed to abortion, but having three relatives with MS, one with Parkinsons, two with Alzheimers, five with Diabeties, and one with Cerebral Palsy, I have to believe God would support this. But, alas, God Bless America, you do not have to agree.

Tito said...

Machiavellian One,

I probably should have been more prescient with my analysis. I was trying to use a rhetorical device to address a deep moral and theological question and that is should we play God?

Before addressing this question I want to clarify a few of your assertions.

First of all embryos should not be used period for stem cell research. There are enough stem cells that can be used from discarded umbilical chords.

Second is that there is no research period (at all) that has proven that we can develop/created/deduce/surmise that stem cell research will bring cures to the diseases you have mentioned.

Second of all, if concerned Americans of the 1960s took the same attitude that you are taking to the issue of abortion, then segregation is 'unfortunate but a part of life' as you so stated eloquantly.

Abortion is unacceptable period. An unborn childs life is above and beyond the primary issue of our lifetime when it comes to abortion.

Turning a tragedy into something good is commendable, but when we purposely create this tragedy of killing unborn children then the means do not justify the ends.

Now back to 'playing God', again, the means (embryos at fertility clinics) does not justify the ends of using these stem cells for gortesque experiments. Why if PETA complains about using lab rats to further human understanding why should we not complain about using humans in grotesque experiments for human understanding (sic).

As far as your relatives are concerned, God bless them and your family. God did not allow your family to suffer so you can go ahead and cheapen human existance and extinguish life to better theirs.

Ever heard of 'redemptive suffering'?

God bless,


Like the Catholic father in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life walking into his home, Michael J. Fox walks into the IVF clinic: "My mind's made up! It's medical experiments for the lot of you!"

These video blogs are doing GREAT things for the pro-life movement! Have you seen the one by the young rap musician? It's about his mother being pregnant with him? If you haven't seen it, check it out on my blog
and if you like it, you can You Tube link it onto your blog, too. It is very powerful, especially to show to teens and young adults.

Keep up the good work!

PS. To Mach 1 and all the others hoping for a cure through stem cell research:

If you really, sincerely are looking for real hope (not false hope), then get mad about the money that is NOT going to adult stem-cell research, which has actually shown some potential!

Tito said...

Aurora Dies Incommodum,

Yes that is a great video. I've posted it on my blog before.

God bless,


Tito said...

Just a thought... Michael J. Fox even an American? I believe he is from Canada and a Canadian citizen. So technicaly he is asking Americans to fork over millions, possibly billions, and to play God in order to placate his misguided and selfish reasons...from a Canadian.

Assuming he is still a Canadian citizen.

Esther said...

Good question....

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