Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gone in 60 Seconds with Sphinx

Apparently I look like the character "Sphinx" from the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds". Why do I bring this up well because four different people in the span of one week have asked if I was the actor Vinnie Jones who portrayed "Sphinx" in the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds". When I was in college, before I started shaving all my hair, I was told I looked like Jim Carey from "Ace Ventura" (more the hair than anything else). Then when I got into grad school I was told I looked like Robin Williams. When I first shaved my head of all its hair almost three years ago I was told I looked like Nicolas Cage and then Bruce Willis. Now it is Vinnie Jones. I travel constantly for work and four different TSA personal asked me if I was that actor. I don't know why they are all TSA, but what struck me as odd was that they all watched "Gone In 60 Seconds", which was a pretty decent action film but was an 'ok' hit at the box office. I have been told I look like Jason Stathom of the movie "Transporter". But Vinnie Jones seems to take the cake recently. Now that I googled his character and movie and identified him as Vinnie Jones it is scary to see the uncanny resemblance. I'm not going to post a personal pic of mine, but those who know me feel free to chime in, this is one ugly dude!


Anonymous said...

I don't see it Tito!!

Anna B.

Angel said...

I don't see it either. Maybe b/c of the eyebrows? However, you have stong brows and his are out of control!
Tell those people they need an eye exam.

Anonymous said...


Maybe it's just that they see you as as a good-looking guy and are just flirting with you!

Anna B.

Rebecca said...

If your him can you get a hold of his bank account???he's got to have some money that you could put to good use or he could ask Ms. Joile-Pitt(since she was in the 60 sec movie) if they can donate some money to a good group like RCP or HSH:-)

Tito said...


Unfortunately they were three guys of the four. They must love cars.

Esther said...

Well if that picture is of you, you are a nice looking man. Beautiful eyes. I have no idea who the actors you mentioned are.

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