Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Turkish Hijacker Is Christian, Seeking Pope's Intervention

News outlets reported yesterday that a plane from Tirana, Albania heading to Istanbul, Turkey was hijacked by two Turks who diverted the plane to Brindisi, Italy. This was in protest to the Pope's upcoming visit to Turkey next month.

The Catholic News Agency is now reporting that the previously stated reasons were incorrect. There was only one person, not two, who hijacked the plane, his name is Hakan Ekinci. Immediately after landing in Brindisi he apologized to the passengers. His reasons for this 'stunt'? He is a Turkish Christian who was afraid of returning to his military post in Instanbul, Turkey because he fled in May. Hakan Ekinci is a conscientious objector and a recent convert to Christianity.

Sadri Abazi, an Albanian MP who was on the plane, said that the hijacker apologised to passengers in English and Albanian as they left the plane.

He originally wanted to land in Rome but there wasn't enough fuel on the plane. He appealed to the Pope earlier in the year in a letter, but took this drastic action when he was being escorted back to Turkey to face a military tribunal.

Mr Ekinci’s letter read: "Dear Pope, I am Hakan Ekinci. I am a Christian and I never want to serve a Muslim army. I wish you to help me as the spiritual leader of the Christian world."

Mr. Ekinci being a recent convert to Christianity would have faced certain death because of his 'apostasy' from Islam. I don't know if he's Catholic, but by just reading these statements he sounds like a Protestant.

Let us pray for his safe stay in Italy and for all the persecuted Christians in Turkey and around the Muslim world.

For the rest of the article click here and for another article here.


MadBadTurk said...

Death for apostasy is valid only where nutcases rule - i.e. Saudi Arabia. It is not Islamic canon law in the Hanafi tradition, which is practiced wherever the Ottomans ruled. And as Turkey does not apply Islamic law and certainly has no such secular laws, your statement is misleadig.

I pray for your enlightenment.

Tito said...

Are you one of those ubiquitous 'moderate' Muslims that the mainstream media keeps touting?

Whether it's Hanafi or Wahabi, a priest was murdered in your country for celebrating Mass! Where was your outcry for this depraved action?

I to pray for you enlightenment.

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