Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Mystery of Fatherhood

I've been receiving these daily devotionals from friends of mine and from time to time I will share them with you. “The Mystery of Fatherhood” March 19, 1941 Reflect upon these words of fatherhood, God’s and yours: your children in your image and your likeness. Yes, your children will be in your image… Be their model in the journey to goodness…may they find the light of their way by watching you, by imitating you, and by remembering, when some day you will no longer be at their side, your warnings and advice, evidenced and confirmed by a complete fulfillment of all the duties of Christian life, the delicate and inner sense of uncompromising, unshakeable faith and confidence in God which you exhibited under the most difficult trials. May they remember a mutual love grown ever deeper through the years, a helpful and charitable goodness devoting itself to every misfortune. Your children will expect much from your careful vigilance over their first steps and the first awakening and opening of their minds and hearts…But louder than any words will be the voice of your example, an example which will continue for many years to be a mirror reflecting your practical life before their eyes, in and out of the family circle, an example which they will probe and judge with the terrible clarity and relentless penetration of their youthful curiosity. How beautiful and worthy of remembrance is the blessing Raguel gives young Tobias when he learns whose son he is, “A blessing be upon thee, my son, because thou art the son of a good and most virtuous man” (Tobit 7:7)…Perhaps you will not always be able to provide for your children the pleasant and beautiful life you dream of for them…but more than earthly possessions, which even for the powerful and the elite can never change this valley of tears into a paradise of delight, it is your obligation to give your children and heirs even finer things: the wealth of faith, an atmosphere of hope and charity, inspiration for a courageous and constant Christian life. (Dear Newlyweds, p. 172-174)


Esther said...

So beautifully put and so true.

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