Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bishop Olmsted Shames Orthopraxy Bishops

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix has recently released a question and answer booklet that addresses hot-button political issues to help Catholic voters. The name of his new book is 'Catholics in the Public Square'.
Bishop Olmsted's booklet, in a question and answer format, answers 29 poignant questions about Catholic teaching and civic issues such as separation of Church and State, public policies, political issues, and voting responsibilities. Olmsted explains how certain policies, such as capital punishment, are a matter of opinion but other issues, like a pro-life stance, are non-negotiable at all times. The booklet does not endorse or condemn any specific candidate, political party or legislative proposal.
Bishop Olmsted contrasts his apostoliclic mission from many orthopraxy bishops in the United States that hide behind their chancellors and issue edicts on soft issues such as immigration reform while abandoninging pro-life issues. Bishop Olmsted also strengthens other bishops who are hesitant to fulfill their apostolic duties by his example. Some strong statements that Bishop Olmsted issues is the denial of Communion to politicians who create scandal, such as Congresswoman Pelosi, by supporting abortion.
Olmsted explains that certain social issues can be left up to the opinion of the voter and two Catholics may legitimately differ in opinion. However, he is careful to express that "there are other issues, such as abortion or euthanasia, that are always wrong and do not allow for the correct use of prudential judgment to justify them."
To read more about Bishop Olmsteds new book click here. To read 'Catholics in Public Square' click here. UPDATED: Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver flexes his apostolic muscles once again (*sigh*, the laypeople of Denver are fortunate) makes clear that the abortion issue should be the "foundational" issue for Catholic voters. For more click here.


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