Friday, October 13, 2006

France Outlaws Denial of The Armenian Genocide

France has enacted a law that makes it a crime to deny that the Armenian Genocide occurred. Why the big deal? It was Adolph Hitler that commented that 'nobody remembers the Armenians' when planning the 'Final Solution' of the Jews. During the tumult of the early 20th century, Ottoman Turks systematically exterminated 1.5 million plus Armenians from eastern Anatolia because they demanded 'religious rights' to practice their Christian faith. The Ottoman Turks were of course Muslim. The politics behind this is that Turkey is seeking European Union (EU) membership and France is the most influential member of the EU. This issue of the Armenian Genocide touches on a larger issue and that is the lack of respect and freedom for Christian minorities in Muslim majority countries which is in sharp contrast to the lopsided freedoms given to Muslim minorities in (post-)Christian countries.
The National Assembly, defying appeals from Turkey, approved legislation Thursday that would make it a crime to deny that mass killings of Armenians in Turkey during and after World War I were genocide.
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