Monday, October 2, 2006

Free Bibles, The Horror!

A child comes home from school with a free Bible given away by the Gideons and a mother is flabbergasted that such a thing could occur at a tax-funded public school.
Jessica Katz said she was outraged when her son came home last week with a New Testament. She believes that no religious text belongs in a public school at all.
Where is that in the constitution where 'religious texts' aren't allowed to be distributed freely at a public school? For the article click here.


TJ said...

Sometimes it's good idea to turn the tables. What would we think if our child comes home from school with quran in his or her hand?

I think that is not a bad question.

Tito said...

That's fine by me. Especially if it's free.

That's what liberals don't understand about free speech and freedom of religion, it's not freedom FROM speech or FROM religion.

We will live to see them burning bibles. Just you watch.

Tito said...

I hope that never happens.

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