Monday, October 9, 2006

Islamic Philosophical Thought

Excellent posting by new blogger, Brother Christosananda, Sinner. Here he breaksdown the differences between Western (Christian) philosophical thought and Islamic philosophical thought.

In the Western philosophy both of ancient Greece and of the Church, we believe in things called primary causality and secondary causality. . . . . .Primary causality means that God is the First Cause of everything that is or happens. Secondary causality means that the free actions of human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, share in that causality. We are genuine causes of our actions. To illustrate: If I become a priest, the primary reason that will happen is because God wills it to be so. However, my own free decision to embrace that lifestyle are also true causes. It will be true to say that I became a priest because I chose to do so. Or, if in stretching, I knock a coffee mug off of my desk, the primary reason is because God (who established the laws of physics) willed it to be so, but it is also true to say that the mug fell because I hit it.

Islam philosophy specifically and purposefully rejects secondary causality.

It is an indepth posting and a very good read, even if you don't know anything about philosophy (like myself). (Hat Tip: The Curt Jester) For the link click here. For this blog click here.


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