Friday, October 27, 2006

Monastery Reality Show

Apparently I am uncool since I seem to miss some interesting tv shows lately. This time it's the 'Monastery' on The Learning Channel (TLC). They take five men from various backgrounds and throw them in a monastery in the middle of the New Mexico desert and film them for 40 days. Very interesting concept. The first show aired this past Sunday evening (how appropriate, on God's day that is) on TLC. The tv show takes place at 'The Monastery of Christ in the Desert' located in Abiquiu, NM. The monastery follows the Benedictine life with no external apostolates and is affiliated with the international Subiaco Benedictine Congregation. This monastery was founded in 1964 in a quiet northwestern corner of New Mexico. They are pretty much self sufficient and they welcome all visitors, Catholic and non-Catholic. From the various reviews that I've read from mostly Catholic bloggers the show seems to be a disappointment. The five men seem to be barely Catholic, in fact one of them is Episcopalian. Which of course brings many conflicts to the fore. But it is tv so they are wanting to create some tension to make it viewable. Nonetheless take a look at a couple of videos here. For 'The Monastery' show homepage on TLC click here. To learn more about 'The Monastery of Christ in the Desert' click here. (Hat Tip: Monastic Skete and A Catholic Life)


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