Friday, October 13, 2006

Russian Christians Impact in Sacramento

Russian Christians are making a major impact in the California political scene, especially in the area moral values. Several years ago evangelical Christians began sponsoring Russian immigrants from the Ukraine, whom predominantly were evangelical not Orthodox nor Catholic. Arriving in America, these immigrants were escaping religious persecution under the communist regime and wanted to stay what they thought was the Christian bastion of Sacramento. They got a rude awakening when they witnessed their first 'Gay Pride' parade. To say the least, they increasingly got worried about raising their children in a depraved and fallen society. Instead of sitting back and 'accepting' the status quo, they began to organize massive demonstrations and counter-demonstrations to the homosexual scene as well as lax educational standards by getting voted into school boards and setting up Russian language radio stations and newspapers (with an evangelical Christian slant). This came as a huge surprise to the lavender mainstream media and the homosexual agitators. (Can I add again please that massive doesn't do justice to the good work of these Russian evangelical Christians.) Me as a Catholic, as well as many of you reading this, can take their fine examples of being politically active in defending our Christian morals and values from the secular onslaught that has subjugated many across the political spectrum. By blogging, praying, and many other Catholic activities we should be heartened by the effort, zeal, and activism of our separated Christian brethren. Spiritual warfare is how we as Christians can defeat false ideologies of relativism, secularism, hedonism, materialism and liberalism (I can go on forever here). We all have our charism's that God has gifted to us in order to grow in our Catholic faith. We need to use these gifts to battle these evils such as the Russian Christians are doing in Sacramento. I recommend you all to read this article from this mornings LA Times and gain some added perspective on what we are facing here in America. For those that understand where I am coming from reading this article will only reinforce your will to continue in your journey with God. For more on the article click here.


Anonymous said...

Another example why we need Immigration
Reform. Hope my taxes aren't supporting
these Russians. This has got to stop.
Take the tax exemption away from the
churches hosting these people.

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