Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Rumored to Ease Latin Mass Restrictions

The rumor is an unnamed Vatican official has reported that Pope Benedict XVI has signed a document that would ease restrictions set on the use of the Tridentine Mass. This is in reference to the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who started the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) in protest to the changes done to the Mass in Vatican II.
The Tridentine Mass, the name of the old Latin Mass, can now only be celebrated with permission of the local bishop. In addition to the use of Latin, the priest faces the altar - away from the worshippers - and there are no lay readers as in the modern Mass.
This document will be released within the next few weeks along other unspecified points to reach out to those that faithfully follow the orthodoxy of the Church. Bill seems to have noticed the rumors starting to rumble again over at Built On A Rock as well as Moneybags over at A Catholic Life. NewsBusters has picked up on this as well. For the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article click here. For a past posting I had done on the Latin Mass Comeback click here.
UPDATE: Catholic World News is now reporting that Pope Benedict XVI is going to release a motu proprio or remove the restrictions on celebrating the Tridentine Mass. A universal indult would replace the indult from 1988. No date for the release of this motu proprio has been set. For the CWN story click here. UPDATED: For the latest news on the motu proprio for the week of April 16 click here.


Moneybags said...

I am SO, SO HOPEFUL. I want nothing more than to offer the Tridentine Mass.

Tito said...

Assuming this occurs, I am curious to see which bishops will explicitly write a letter prohibiting the use of the Tridentine Mass.

skeetor said...

cardinal mahoney already has his pen ready tito.

Matt said...

On another point, Archbishop DiNardo is very welcoming of the Latin Mass and has stated he will continue offering it (he said a few months back).

I pulled this comment of yours from another place which I don't post on anymore.

How so? Just because he has consented to continue the Latin mass exclusively at one parish at the 8am slot doesn't make him supportive. He has ignored several requests for special masses, such as an anniversery for Ellis and Stella.

Quit sucking up Tito.

Rich said...

I think many bishops are afraid that this may divide the church into factions. As a younger person, I think we've lost a sense of the continuing tradition of the Church. It'd be nice to celebrate a Mass that you know St. Therese or the Cure of Ars celebrated.

As a founding member of a local men's gregorian chant group, I can tell you that people are starving for reverence and solemnity in the liturgy. At least, they are here in Texas. We do a Latin Mass of Paul VI once a year, adn the people LOVE it.

Tito said...


So I see you're following through on not reading his blog.


That is very cool. We have a nice Gregorian chant group at Anunciation (is that you?)

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