Thursday, April 19, 2007

3.4 Million Attended Papal Audiences in Pope's 2nd Year

3.4 million congregants have attended papal audiences or liturgical events that was presided by his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during his second year in the seat of St. Peter.
As the Holy Father nears the 2nd anniversary of his election on April 19, the prefecture of the pontifical household has released official figures for attendance at papal events during the past 12 months. The figures closely match the attendance statistics for the calendar year 2006, which showed total attendance of 3.2 million. According to the Vatican's official figures, just over 1 million people have attended the Pope's regular Wednesday public audiences during the past year; another 1.46 have attended the Sunday Angelus audiences; 350,000 have been included in special group audiences; and over 536,000 have attended pontifical liturgies. Pope Benedict's popularity compares favorably with that of his predecessor. In last two full years of his reign, Pope John Paul II drew 2.6 million people to audiences and liturgical events in 2003, and 2.2 million in 2004.
El Papa has been drawing larger audiences than his predecessor Pope John Paul II. That is quite remarkable for this bashful Pope whom many of us call our German shephard!
¡Viva el Papa!
To read the article on mass attendance click here.


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