Friday, April 27, 2007

Catholic News-Friday, April 27, 2007 A.D.

AFTERNOON UPDATE Catholic Ireland's Suicide Watch - Fidei Defensor, Custos Fidei Orthodoxy Fuels Vocations - Pope Benedict XVI, Prayer for Vocations Motu Proprio Rumor: May 5 Release - Damian Thompson, Telegr... Fighting Secular Tyranny - Fidei Defensor, Custos Fidei San Fransisco's 'Gay Mass' This Sunday - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jes... San Francisco Archdiocese Refutes 'Gay Mass' - Hilary White, LS Ban on 'Mom, Dad' Considered - Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily Bias Against Latin Mass - Kathryn Westcott, BBC News Partial-Birth & VoTech Massacre - Matt Barber, Pro-Choice Extremists - Christine M. Flowers, Philly Daily News New Salvo Mag & Sex-Obsessed Society - Rebecca Hagelin, THF Tide Turning Toward Catholicism - Dave Hartline, Catholic Excha... An Atheist's Journey to God - Fr. John Powell, retired professor Anti-Catholic Bigotry (Audio) - Chuck Colson, Breakpoint St. Louis University's Catholic Issue - Michael Deem, EC Defending the Crusades - Fred Thompson, NRO Problems With Gay Marriage - Davide Blankenhorn, Mercatornet Off to Work She Should Go - Linda Hirshman, New York Times Evangelicals Dressing as Catholics - Fr. Dwight Longnecker, SOMH Gay Parenting Destroyed Dawn - Dawn Stefanowicz, Mercatornet Abp Burke Takes On Sheryl Crow (Video) - Rocco Palmo, WITL Atheism's Lack of Substance - Don Feder, USA Today MORNING EDITION Abortion & Infanticide, Same Thing - Domenico Bettinelli, Bettnet Legal Victory for TX Bible Monument - Allie Martin, One News Now 114 Year Old Convert - Agenzia Fides About Archbishop Nienstedt - Pamela Miller, V2 Liturgical Changes Not So Good - Archbishop Ranjith, CDF-Sec. Study: Health Risks for Gay Sex (PDF) - Dr. John R. Diggs Jr., CRC Crushing Christian Dissent - JonJayRay, Stop the ACLU Brownback Drops Amnesty Bill - Stephen Dinan, Washington Times Gay Propaganda Works - JonJayRay, Stop the ACLU US Bishops Dereliction of Duties - New Oxford Review Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: A Catholic Mom in Hawaii. (Hat Tips: Catholic Report, New Liturgical Movement, The Curt Jester, Recta Ratio, Musings of a Pertinacious Papist, The Cafeteria is Closed, LifeSite, New Oxford Review, Renew America, & The WebElf Report.) This Weeks Catholic News: For April 26 click here. For April 25 click here. For April 24 click here. For April 23 click here. For April 22 click here.


Esther said...

Mahalo Tito! BTW, now I know why the word "shameless" stuck in my head. I got it from you guys! :-)

Tito said...



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