Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Catholic News-Wednesday, April 25, 2007 A.D.

EVENING UPDATE Abp Burke Takes Issue w/Sheryl Crow (Video) - Palmo, Whispers... Girls Gone Wild Founder Jailed – AP, Texas Futile Care Law May Change – Steven Ertelt, Culture of Death Returns to Mexico – Fidei Defensor, Custos Fidei Catholic Blogger is Now a Seminarian - A Catholic Life MORNING NEWS ROUNDUP Texas Passes Abortion Bill Ultrasound Viewing - S. Ertelt, LifeN... Nuns Killed for Church Treasure - Malcom Brabant, BBC News Gay Propaganda Fed to Public School Children (Video) – LifeSite Science Study: Religion Good for Kids – M. Wenner, Live Science 'Faith-Based Justices' – Jan Crawford Greenburg, ABC News Orthodox Abp to Succeed Abp Flynn - David Hanners, Pioneer Press Austin Bishop Aymand’s Scandal: Baby Emilio – Tito, Custos Fidei Nigerian Anglican Praises JP2 - Andy Uba, This Day via allAfrica... Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: Built on a Rock. (Hat Tips: The Cafeteria is Closed, RealClearPolitics & Hot Air.) This weeks Catholic News: For April 24 click here. For April 23 click here. For April 22 click here.


Interestingly enough I also ran into those clips of the kids being indoctrinated at school, it was very tragic, I thought they were recent, as in, this is what happens when you legalize gay marriage in Mass. 1996 though! Wow so those kids are the college students now who are pushing for gay marriage. The school was something like the "Cambridge Friends School," does that mean it was run by quakers? Anyway have you yourself watched the videos Tito? I'd be curious to read a post of your reactions.

Christina said...

Glad to see people talking about that "Futile Care" law. There is so much potential for abuse with things like that.

Tito said...


I just watched a couple of minutes of it and I was horrified. To see the shock on the childrens faces as a gay instructor is showing them sexual gay images! Aren't those children 1st & 2nd graders??! I'll bet you all a $100 that if any one of those parents were even aware of what was going on, there would have been a lawsuit.


Yeah, I'm just educating myself on this and I find it deplorable. I'm almost sick to my stomach. Just to view the previous video and read this posting makes me wonder if ANY morals are taught at all at anyones homes outside my close circuit of practicing Catholic freinds.

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