Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Custos Fidei's Newest Blogger, Fidei Defensor

I just wanted to announce that we here at Custos Fidei have a new blogger. You may probably already know, but to those that don't, I want to welcome Fidei Defensor (FD) as the newest blogger to Custos Fidei! He has long ran his own blog called College Catholic but has cut back his blogging due to school and other constraints. So to not cheat his faithful bloggers from his great current events and history postings, he'll be blogging here indefinitely for the time being. FD has already posted several articles such as Pray for the Eldest Daughter and his most recent Colbert Report posting. Welcome FD!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging, Fidei Defensor! I used to read your blog (College Catholic) and enjoyed it very much. I particularly like the historical infos related to Catholicism you used to share with your readers.

Excellent!!! Welcome back, Fidei!

Esther said...

Welome FD! I enjoyed the Eldest daughter post very much. Been praying for France ever since.

Tito, I've tagged you for a meme.

Thanks all, I do what I can to combine my training as a historian with my loyalty to the Church, with elections looming in France, the history of that once great Catholic nation is comming into play in important ways, I also love Spanish history though (which I blogged on frequently on the old blog) and the sooner elections are held there, the better, one Spanish bishop has compared the currently immorality of their present goverment to that which existed under Caligula Caesar.

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