Monday, April 9, 2007

Pontifications Blog Hacked?

Just browsing around the Catholic blogosphere and it seems that Pontifications has been hacked by someone called DaiMon? Anyone have anything to explain if this is true or a joke. Apparently DaiMon is an alternative spelling of daemon or demon of Roman and/or Greek mythology or psychology. Looks German but that's all I can gleen from it. Check out Pontifications here. UPDATE: Seems like Pontifications kinda fixed it, but they are still down.


Anonymous said...

The vile hacking is still in effect, I guess we have no protection from this sort of hate. May God have mercy on this hacker's obviously sick and twisted soul.


Tito said...


I agree. On a second look it looks as if it is a German Turk doing the hacking. Not sure, just reading the message in German and the hacker is referring to himself as a Turk.

ropata said...

Hello there, I found Fr. Alvin Kimel still pontificating here:

Tito said...


Thanks for the update.


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