Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter in St. Peter's Square

He is risen!

Happy Easter!

To read Pope Benedict XVI's Easter Vigil Mass, 'Love stronger than death', click here.

My friends the Park family have an excellent RCP blog entry for Easter, for the posting click here.

For the Urbi et Orbi message click here.

Over 150,000 Catholic's enter the Church this Easter!

From the Catholic Online article click here.

From the The Eagle Tribune (NH) article click here.

From the San Francisco Chronicle article click here.

From the Washington Post article click here.

From Open Book blog by Amy Welborn click here.

The Sci Fi Catholic's story of conversion, click here.

(Major Hat Tips: Lone Star Times by Matt Bramanti, Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony, The Curt Jester, Amy Welborn's Open Book, New Advent blog, American Papist)


Anonymous said...

A blessed and happy Easter to you and yours, Tito!

Tito said...

Thanks MB & Karen!

I wish you both a blessed Easter as well.

Esther said...

Happy and Blessed Easter Tito!

BJ said...

Hi! I thought you and your readers might be interested in some post-Easter news about Pope Benedict XVI...
The Pope's car is being auctioned off to raise money for Habitat for Humanity:
The bidding is already more than $200,000! Personally, I think this is a really fun and creative way to raise
money. The auction goes until April 14th if you and your readers want to check it out.

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