Wednesday, April 4, 2007

America's Chamberlain: Peace in Our Time

The highest ranking American Catholic politician continues to undermine American foreign policy while meeting with the leader of a terrorist state, President Bashar al-Assad. Here is Madame Speaker meeting with a known tyrant in Syria. After meeting with Assad, Pelosi declared: "the road to Damascus is a road to peace." She's turning into a regular Benedict Arnold.
Which brings to mind UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's visit with Chancellor Adolph Hitler termed the Munich Conference in 1938 in which Prime Minister Chamberlain declared, "Peace in our time". The following year Chancellor Hitler launched a devastating attack on Poland which engulfed the worlds powers into the Second World War.
For the meeting between Chamberlain & Hitler click here.
For Pelosi's meeting with Assad click here.
For a posting on Pelosi's scandal in the Catholic Church click here.


Is there a difference between a legislator and the prime minister of a country? Yes there is, even if she is a high-ranking legislator. Is there a difference between sitting down to talk about general issues and negotiating the end of a peaceful nation? Yes there is. Is there a difference between Hitler and a two-bit dictator like Assad. You bet there is.

Oh, and by the way, did you criticize the three Republican congressmen who visited Syria last week--apparently with help from the White House? I didn't think so.

Tito said...

The Old New Englander,

Excellent points all the way around.

There is a difference and that I agree, though she is undermining America's foreign policy by giving hope that Syria can continue their support of terror AND win appeasement.

Yes, there were Republican legislators who preceded her, but she is the Speaker of the House after all, AND that is a difference.

Thanks for the comments.

God bless,


John said...

Of course, while she was there, she re-iterated the current US policy - that of the Bush administration - to Assad.

Tito said...


If the opposition leader during WW2 in Churchil's England went to visit Mussolini for some cocktails, photo op, and declaring 'the road to peace runs through Rome' AND then reiterates CHurchil's demand of unconditional surrender, what do you think it looks like to the English back home?

Ridiculous eh?

John said...

Well, the analogy doesn't hold, because you're talking about a statement and a policy that are at odds, which really isn't the case with Syria.

I think there are legitimate reasons to criticize ANY legislator taking this sort of trip - that includes Pelosi, the three Republicans who were there just before her on a similar trip, and McCain heading to Iraq and actually contradicting the administration's policy statements in his discussions with the government there - but you've gone beyond that to imply that the message she brought was at odds with our national policy, and it just wasn't.

That said, I think there's a dangerous element of American politics playing out in the foreign policy arena here, and as I said, that's a fair criticism of both Pelosi and McCain. It's just not the criticism you made in your post.

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