Monday, April 9, 2007

Motu Proprio Weekly News Roundup for April 9

I've been wanting to do this more often since it seems to inflame the Catholic blogosphere almost weekly, so here is my roundup of motu proprio news for the Easter season. 1. Libero (Italian), April 8: Lego Latin quisquam? Tito: Marcello Veneziani wrote this editorial entirely in Latin. I first tried to translate it via Google. After Google translated it I began reading the editorial and noticed it was completely in Latin. I thought Google's translater was broken, but alas, Google can't translate Latin into English apparently. Father John Zuhlsdorf did a nice review for us all below. 2. Fr. Z, April 7: Father John Zuhlsdorf reviews the Libero article and emphasizes the importance of the motu proprio representing a larger battle on several levels between the Tridentine and anti-Tridentine groups of where the Church will head into. Tito: My opinion is that we are seeing several important internal conflicts being resolved in consolidating the Church from within. One of these is that Church orthodoxy will be maintained via the reforming of the reform of Vatican II. The motu proprio, along with Sacramentum Caritatis, will consolidate these internal forces and help in the new reevanglization of the Church towards the West. 3. The New Liturgical Movement, April 8: Shawn Tribe ascribes the undercurrent of opposition to the allegedly impending motu proprio as a representative of the rivalries within Catholicism such as the heterodox vs orthodox. Tito: I certainly agree that there is strong internal opposition to this, hence why it is a motu proprio, ie, a papal bull without outside input. 4. Mercy and Mary, April 7: This Steubenville priest seems indifferent to the alleged release of the motu proprio. Tito: I'm not sure why he bothered to even touch on the motu proprio since he had nothing to contribute except a nonchalant 'shrug'.

5. The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen, April 8: Vir Speluncae Catholicus vents his feelings of impatience on the allegedly impending release of the motu proprio.

Tito: Mine exactly.

6., April 5: Cardinal Bertone chastized the Western media for interpreting news releases by the Vatican with secular (read: liberal) slants. He went on to say that the impending motu proprio will make the Tridentine Mass more accessible to the laity. He declined to state a timetable for the release of the motu proprio.
However, he did confirm that Pope Benedict will give a public explanation for the document, in which the Pontiff will explain his vision for the use of the old Missal.
Tito: Nothing new here with the exception that no timetable will be discussed by the Vatican for the release of the motu proprio. One interesting note on my part is why is the Vatican not setting a release date for such an important document? It may mean nothing, but it may also give weight to the rumors of internal divisions within the Vatican opposing any liberalization of the practice of the Tridentine Mass (again with the internal divisions, this is becoming a theme). Nice to see a full explanation by his Holiness for the substance of the motu proprio. 7. First Things, April 3: Joseph Bottum touches on the Le Figaro and Catholic News Service reports of the motu proprio then reveals the hypocrisy of liberals such as Cathy Kaveny of Notre Dame that pooh pooh's the motu proprio. Tito: Isn't it interesting that liberals today can only say 'no' to anything orthodox in almost any sphere of life. Kind of the inverse of the incorrect perspective of a Catholic saying 'no' to anything such as sex and fun. For my last three motu proprio postings click here, here, and here. UPDATED: For the latest news on the motu proprio for the week of April 16 click here.


Anonymous said...

Love that pic... the way the Mass SHOULD look, imo.

Tito said...


I knew you would like it!

God bless you on your journy.


Esther said...

Tito, our new assoc. pastor is bringing more and more Latin into our Mass! We even had the ringing of the bells during the Consecration.

Tito said...

That is great Esther. Are the songs or prayers in Latin or is it only parts of the liturgy?

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