Thursday, April 5, 2007

Christianity Rises in the Modern World

A day cannot pass when you come across some sort of news of the decline of Christianity or how irrelevant it is in today's 'world'. Of course we as Christians know that Jesus won't allow this (Mt16:18). But still, our worldly friends and acquaintances smugly snicker at us or behind our backs since we seem to weak to think or stand for ourselves, so we need our Christian faith to support us. Still, this doesn't stop them, the liberals/secularists/homosexuals from doing all they can to wipe out Christianity from public discourse. 40+ years of American liberals controlling our public school system in America in which the Bible was eliminated from study and where failed philosophies of communism, liberalism, and relativism to new philosophies & ideas of environmentalism, homosexuality, and multiculturalism are constantly being force-fed to our children has produced some of the most illiterate Americans relative to the rest of the industrialized world. We even see lapse Catholics attack the faith here in the United States! Liberals love to use the Catholic church as shining examples of proactive public citizens, but then chastise the very same church when they speak out on issues these liberals loath. Over in England you have the secularists and homosexual lobbies wanting to put government controls on religion in order to eliminate Christianity. It's already happening when police interrogate a mother of young boy who wrote 'gay' in an email! Despite the efforts of the political left Christianity seems to not only endure, but to grow and even flourish. Even the infamous Jesus Seminar of forty years back that attempted to deconstruct Jesus has largely been marginalized and discredited because of the Bible being able to sustain attack after attack only to come away even more validated to the point of debunking naysayers. The constant attempt at discrediting the Resurrection of Jesus with false ossuaries, wild-eyed theories of deceit, and most recently the notorious Da Vinci Code has fallen against the witness of Christ and his followers. Of course this brings about the reactionary liberal backlash of frustration, disillusionment, and even more anger and hatred to anything Christian. Though the same can't be said for our Christian brothers in Europe, even there, there seems to be a reawakening of the faith. This reawakening has brought about Chancellor Angela Merkel's lobbying of a greater presence of Christianity in the European Union (EU) where there is none now. This reawakening has even caused a stir in the halls of high liberalism such as the European Parliament in which Pope Benedict XVI has been invited to address them. It just doesn't stop there in Europe, we see the first Christian church being built in the Arabian peninsular country of Qatar in 14 centuries! The very same Arabian peninsula where the Muslims wiped out the last vestiges of Christianity in the 19th century under the current rulers of Saudi Arabia. Even here in the United States Catholics are wanting a greater voice of faith in public discourse. To much chagrin of their fellow secularist/homosexual/liberal Americans. Yes, Christianity is rising in the modern world and this Holy Week is a time of reflection and prayer in thanking God for giving us His only Son in order to redeemed of our sins and to help in spreading of our beautiful Catholic faith. To read about Jesus' victory click here.
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