Friday, April 6, 2007

Pope Helps in Release of Iranian Hostages

Apparently last Friday Pope Benedict XVI conducted some quiet diplomacy by contacting Iran and requesting as a goodwill gesture before Easter to release. Roughly five days later that request was granted.
On Friday morning, Pope Benedict XVI handed a letter to Iran's ambassador to the Holy See, appealing to Ahmadinejad for a "goodwill gesture before Easter". Mr. Ahmadenijad subsequently released the 15 British sailors as an " Easter gift to the British people". Yesterday, sources in the Middle East insisted privately that the Pope's intervention had been " important " in securing a pre-Easter escape.
According to the April 6th issue of The Independent (London) periodical. In this very same issue in another article The Independent goes on and affirms this,
Pope Benedict XVI added his voice, sending a letter yesterday appealing to Mr. Ahmadinejad for a "goodwill gesture before Easter".
Pope Benedict XVI with some assistance from the Holy Spirit can accomplish almost anything when the love of Christ is involved. ¡Viva el Papa! ¡Viva El Cristo Rey! To read the two articles from The Independent click here and here.
Photo by AP.
UPDATE: More evidence surfaces of the greater involvement of the Holy See than was previous acknowledged when Pope Benedict XVI appealed to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (#3 anti-Christ) for the release of Britons.
For the appeal click here.
To learn more about Ayatollah Ali Khamenei click here.


Anonymous said...

So will you now compare the pope to Chamberlain as well?

Tito said...

Did the Pope declare 'Peace in our time?'

Nice try thoguh.

Anonymous said...

He shamelessly pleaded for "goodwill" from a murderous, holocaust-denying thug. Now our enemies are emboldened.

But I guess if he didn't say "Peace in or time" then there's no similarity, huh?

Tito said...


I understand where you are coming from, but he did not go there for a peace approachment, but for the release of those hostages.

God bless,


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