Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Supreme Court Upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban - UDPATED

A victory for the Culture of Life and a defeat for the Culture of Death, a.k.a., liberals and secularists (Jacobites in CatholicSpeak). This abhorrent procedure where the life of an innocent unborn child is extinguished.
The procedure at issue involves partially removing the fetus intact from a woman's uterus, then crushing or cutting its skull to complete the abortion.
For the breaking news click here. (Hat Tip: handmaiden) UPDATED: The Catholic League's Bill Donohue comments here. 2008 Presidential candidates reactions: HILLARY: 'Erosion of our constitutional rights'... BROWNBACK: 'a great step forward.' GIULIANI: 'I agree with it'... (surprising - my comment) OBAMA: 'I strongly disagree'... ROMNEY: 'A step forward'... MCCAIN: I'm very happy... EDWARDS: 'I could not disagree more strongly'... More on the 2008 Presidential candidates reactions click here. President Bush's reaction click here. Blogservations in the Catholic blogosphere: Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm After Abortion Ad Altare Dei The Curt Jester A Catholic Life A Catholic Mom in Hawaii Thoughts of a Regular Guy Built on a Rock Liberal disappointment click here. Holy See's secret plan revealed, click here. (this is a joke, don't take this seriously)


Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God!

I only wish that more could've been done when there was a Republican majority in in all three branches of gov't.


Anonymous said...

I am ecstatic about the decision!!

But it does say something about our culture when we have to argue all the way to the Supreme Court to outlaw such a heinous way to kill someone and it was only a 5-4 ruling when it should have been unanimous....all judges banning it.

Anna B.

Tito said...

Angela & Anna,

All praise is His!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! For those justices who upheld the ban, I salute you. For those who didn't, may you swiftly be replaced by people with some brains and morality.

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