Monday, April 16, 2007

Shooting in VA

Let me preface by saying that I have only caught a few snippets of news regarding the campus tragedy in VA. First and foremost we must pray for the dead, and the students and families dealing with this unspeakable tragedy. Secondly, and don't quote me on this, so little information is out there, but I am eerily reminded of two other shooting incidents, one in a mall in Utah a few months ago, and the DC sniper reign of terror a few years back. I am also, of course, reminded of the Columbine attacks carried out by Satanical monsters several years ago. It is impossible to know how each of us as individuals would react in the face of such violence and evil, anyone who has not experienced it is hardly qualified to comment. However I'll go out on a limb here and say this, in the face of events such as this one, the September 11 attacks, and scores of smaller incidents of evil and violence that occur all too often in our time, and throughout history, when people are presented with such evil manifested in a sick, twisted, individual, one must do all they can to resist. If one leads, many will follow. As we learned on 9-11, malicious evil-doers can NEVER be given the benefit of the doubt. The three hijacked planes that went into buildings were full of people who, until those last terrifying seconds, thought they were being held hostage, and of greater value to the hijackers alive than dead. Only technology (cell phones) and time allowed the good people of Flight 93 to fight back and in the process save countless others. In the post 9-11 world I would bet that no person alive, man or woman, age 9 or 90 would hesitate to charge an airline hijacker. When one is being mugged, obviously, your wallet is not worth your life, but when a sinister person, with no visible motive other than evil, brandishes a weapon, I pray that every good person in proximity will have the courage to fight them tooth-and-nail. Lastly, while I know as a Catholic we should not pass judgment upon the souls of others, I suspect that the monster who killed these young people in VA is just beginning his eternity in the fires of Hell. I don't know anything about him, but I simply do not care to hear a word in the coming days along the lines of "a troubled childhood," or "society failed him," or "childhood bullying." Moral relativism and psychobabble must not be allowed to cover up for the fact that such evil exists in our world. Let no one waste one moment of time on sympathy for him and instead focus on the killed, the wounded, and the grieving. May they all know the love and comfort of Our Savior Jesus Chirst. In the words of the Holy Father, "Despite all the darkness in the world, evil does not have the last word."


Karie said...

Dear Custos,

I understand your loathing of the man who did this but please remember that he is still a child of God's. And I suspect that He is just as sorry for the gunman who got so lost in sin, as those who He welcomed home. I am sure you are right that he is lost to the fires of Hell but it may help our souls to pray for him anyway and any others who may be following in his footsteps that they may be led from the darkness of their lives. I am angry at the gunman - there were people who tried to save him as I understand, but I also pity him, that he allowed himself to be tricked by Satan. I hope I am not too harsh in admonishing you, I just become concerned when people talk about how angry they are at people who do these terrible things. I agree anger is necessary, but also let us be mericful and pray for their souls too, they obviously have been damaged severely.

Karie, no worries, you raise good points in a charitable fashion, the gist of what I am saying here is that a secular society like ours can't call a spade a spade and it bothers me. I think it was Dr. Phil who said that this guy was a "psychopath" and "that is the closest word psycholligsts have for the concept of 'evil.'" I think we see so much of this "evil" because key people in our society don't like it. Listen to secularists bemoan the way Regan called the USSR the "evil empire," or the way Bush calls terrorists "evil do-ers."

From a theological perspective you are right, but I mean as a society, we can't be afraid to point out evil, we can't worry about stepping on secular toes.

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