Wednesday, April 11, 2007

6 Million Muslims Converts to Christianity

... in Africa each year. While barely a few Christians convert to Islam. In Iran each day 50 children convert to Christianity secretly in the official Islamic state of Iran. According to the New Oxford Review article. Unlike the West where women are converting to Islam attracted to the traditional roles of women in Islam. Such as motherhood, conservative dress, and more emphasis on their nurturing nature. Of course if these same Western women would just look into Catholicism they would see these traditional virtues, but too many wayward priests and cowardly bishops have joined the zeitgeist of "I'm ok, you're ok, sing kumbaya" lets not make the-sign-of-the-cross before meals so as not to offend those lapse Catholics type of mentality. The Muslim immigrants into Spain lose their Islamic faith but do not convert to Catholicism. They fall prey to hedonism and materialism. If only those priests and bishops would get off those soft-issues of environmentalism and talk about life, love, sin, and hell we would be able to transform these United States into a Catholic nation! For the article click here. (Hat Tip: New Oxford Review)


Christina said...

Western women embracing motherhood? *Gasp!* Could it be the early feminists were right about women being valuable even if they aren't just like men?

Pity they think there's no place for them in Catholicism. After all, it was St. Paul who told husbands to love their wives in an age where women were treated as property rather than people.

Tito said...


It's a shame that these women don't see the modesty that is Catholicism. The traditional roles of men and women will only enrich those with hearts open to the Truth.

Yeah, these feminists really are a piece of work.

dr.virus said...

My name is Mohamed Saad I'm an Egyptian Muslim medical student,
actually I didn't finish reading the article 'cause I didn't have time.
but I wanted you to know that I'm not angry of what you wrote about Islam not because it's true but because I'm getting used to reading such things all over the web.
I'm not doubting your hounesty but how many Muslims did you talk to face to face?
I'm sure the number is very close to zero,
Me being different from you isn't a bad thing also isn't a good thing it's just a fact:
"people are different"
why make it a problem, I believe in something and you don't so what!?
should we kill each other!?
christians, people with other religions and people with no religion at all; live, work, get married, have children and are happy in all arabic countries including Saudi Arabia.
christians are totally allowed to enter Saudi Arabia but not allowed to enter the city of Makka.
Makka is a very small city containing mousques very important in the Islamic history.
in Makka Muslims do some religious ceremonies called Haje and 'Omra.
from the islamic point of view people other than muslims are disbelievers that doesn't mean that they're bad or evil, it means that they're just different.
the city of Makka is the city of believers so people other than Muslims aren't allowed to enter it.
thanks for being open minded and for reading.

Tito said...

Dr. Virus,

Thank you for that posting. I didn't say anything derogatory about Islam in this posting, though your comments are always appreciated.

In Saudi Arabia Christians are not allowed to build churches, hold Mass, nor express themselves in public. In fact it is illegal to be a Christian in Saudi Arabia.

I'm not sure what you were trying to say, but Christians are definately not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

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