Monday, April 23, 2007

Colbert to French Socialists, "Ils ne passeront pas!"- Colbert to Huckabee "maybe..."- Colbert to Gospel of Judas "Heresy!"

Whether you like him or not, practicing Catholic/comedian Stephen Colbert, is one of the best friends Catholics have in the mainstream media. From his April 23 show...
-Colbert warns that lesbianism will lead to a demographic disaster for sea-turtles.
-Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee asks Colbert to consider being his running-mate.
-Colbert weighs in on the French election (which I wrote about here and will be blogging about in greater depth in the near future), endorsing right-wing candidate Nicholas Sarkozy. Colbert voiced concern that physical attractiveness may propel the Socialist candidate Ségolène Royal to victory. To help viewers overcome this, he took Royal's face and supplanted it with Karl Marx's. Colbert warns views that, "that ain't Santa Clause."
I by no means intend to make blogging on The Colbert Report a daily occurrence, other than when his episodes take a very overtly Catholic turn (which has happened on several occasions). Due, however, to this tie to the French election, which I will be blogging on more soon, I figured this to be the perfect time to mention that, I will, on occasion be posting about Colbert.
For some more Catholic stuff, see Colbert tearing the "Gospel of Judas" to shreds a few days ago (metaphorically speaking), attributing the slew of non-canonical Gospels to a "cottage industry."
For some brief commentary on this video check out this post on "Way of the Fathers," blog.
For some good Colbert commentary by Tito check out this post.
For more Catholic-Colbert info check out this post on the now-defunct College Catholic blog.


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That's awesome that you are getting many secular links to this posting! Keep up the great posts.


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