Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Habits

As Dave Hartline says, the tide is rising in Catholicism. Thriving convents are apparent all across the United States. Mostly the orthodox convents rather than the unorthodox, which is no surprise to this blogger. Many young women are putting on the habit nowadays. Of course the mainstream media, mostly, doesn't report on this, but that is not of our concern. If the Holy Spirit allows for thriving convents so it shall be.
Helped by aggressive recruiting, media campaigns and Web sites, Roman Catholic convents around the country say they are experiencing an upturn in new nuns for the first time in decades, drawing from a millennial generation inspired by Pope John Paul II and looking for an alternative lifestyle that draws them closer to God.
For the article click here.
For my previous posting of a 'nunsurgence' with a video click here. Jeff Miller over at his Curt Jester blog had something to say.


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