Saturday, June 16, 2007

Around The Blogosphere And Other Observations

It is simply astounding regarding the richness of the Catholic blogosphere and their ancillary compliments of pro-life and secular conservative blogs and new sites (that's a mouthful). Of course my favorite quartet of Catholic blogs are Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony (excellent applications of Catholic teaching for every day life in the world), The Curt Jester (Catholic punditry at its best), The Catholic Report (a knockoff of the DRUDGE REPORT for Catholics?), and The Cafeteria Is Closed (a great title for a Catholic blog eh?). I don't just stop there for my daily dose of blogging news and commentary, I really enjoy reading Shawn Tribe's New Liturgical Movement (everything and anything to do with the liturgy and architecture of the Church) and Off the Record by Diogenes (the best dry incisive sarcasm around). Then from out of nowhere have I have gotten hooked on Musings of a Pertinacious Papist by Dr. Philip Blosser that exhibits non-chalant commentary yet makes for great reading. Then you have the incessant 'Motu Proprio' rumor-vigil-watch by New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli . I really do enjoy reading that blog, but how many times am I going to have to read about another 'motu proprio' imminent release news byte being cited from some obscure non-English newspaper! I don't know what is worse, having to flip the newspaper and online new sites to get past all the Paris Hilton melodrama or reading New Catholic spit out another insignificant snippet of information that the 'motu proprio' will come out... some time. Dr. Edward Peters has made me appreciate Canon law like I never thought I would through his blog, In the Light of the Law. I even sat down one evening and began to browse around and read some Code of Canon Law because he made it read so interesting. Yeah, I need a life (and a permanent job, I'm getting tired of these contract jobs), but who knew this stuff could be so engrossingly interesting! I also want to mention the California Catholic Daily as an excellent source of Catholic news, even though some of it is California-centric, they post some really good stories that makes for pleasant leisurely reading. In the worldly side of the Internet I want to bring to light that NewsBusters has been doing more coverage of Catholic related issues on their website. They primarily search the media for inaccurate representations of the truth and have been doing a very nice job of covering the many unfair hit jobs that the liberal media, and liberals in general, have been doing to Catholics of all stripes. I want to mention that Secondhand Smoke by Wesley J. Smith is also good reading on bioethics and other science related issues connected to the pro-life movement that many people don't realize have a lot to do with our faith (see National Catholic Bioethics Center among others). His posts are very readable without making you feel like your reading another 'motu proprio', err, mundane science article. ZENIT did a good job of updating their website. They got rid of that 1980s BBS-feel to it and finally brought it up to Bill Clinton-era standards. Still a nice feel to a good source of Catholic news. Speaking of updating websites... Some other observations that I'd like to share... I never did realize how robust the Episcopalian blogosphere was until I have been keeping tabs on their imminent implosion/schism on the WebElf Report and Midwest Conservative Journal. I really feel for those guys, I'm just thankful that we have the Magisterium to check those that look to undermine our beautiful Catholic faith. There are so many other blogs and websites to mention, but I'll save them for another posting. God bless and remember here in the United States it's Father's Day tomorrow.


Leticia said...

I am presenting in a panel discussion for the Catholic Society of Social Scientists Conference next October on the topic, the Impact of the Catholic Blogosphere, and many of these fine blogs are the reason we are so effective in changing the tone of the debate in America.
Long live free speech!

Anonymous said...


Long live free speech indeed!


I fixed the link to The Curt Jester.

God bless,


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