Monday, June 18, 2007

CVSTOS FIDEI Blogging Evolution

I've been upgrading this website in short increments and I'd like to know how do you all feel about the new look to mine? I've received nothing but good reviews with one notable exception. I finally figured out how to fix the image for the blog title to work (It was muuuuch easier than the effort it took to 'stumble' across this feature) and with some skillful use of WORD, Picture Manager, and MS Paint I got the pic that I wanted. I've also learned a bit more about CSS, HTML, and (X)HTML to know that it's better to program than it is to use Front Page or Dream Weaver. All the pics and images you see on my website I created from scratch (of course I took the picture of Blessed Miguel Pro from a website, but the Crusader shield and everything else I was able to manipulate using MS products to spit out what I've done so far). Well, there's more to come. Like a third column to showcase my actual blog commentary so as not to bury it under all of my Catholic News postings as well as other categories and features that will make my blog look more like a newscenter than a blog, but I'll still be blogging. I just have a fascination with so much that makes news in the Catholic world I've decided to build up my blog in that direction. I have a certain vision with ideas being influenced by several websites and blogs. The final product probably won't be completed anytime soon, but it'll be pretty spiffy and engaging the more I learn CSS and HTML. The next thing I'll be doing is assisting Matt with Houston Catholic. Anyways, enjoy!


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